Dwarf Fruit Trees

Here is a nice selection of dwarf fruit trees that make great house plants as well as outdoor garden plants. Since they are dwarf fruit trees, they won’t grow as tall or as round as a full sized fruit tree would grow. This makes dwarf fruit trees a great choice for people that don’t have alot of space to grow a fruit garden.

Banana Plant

Dwarf Orange Tree

Dwarf Pomegranate

Lemon Dwarf Citrus

Tangerine Dwarf Citrus 

Lime Dwarf Citrus 

Garden Sun Patio
Miniature Peach

Fruit Cocktail Tree

North Star Dwarf Cherry 

Red Haven Dwarf Peach 

Dwarf Elberta Peach 

Stanley Dwarf Plum

Dwarf Nectarine 


3-N-1 Citrus

Flowering Bonsai Citrus

Dwarf Bonsai

Key Lime Bonsai Tree