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Unique Food

Unique Food

A Unique Collection of Weird Food That Looks Odd & Maybe Even Ugly

Most people tend to eat foods that are pleasing to the eyes. Though some foods may look odd or ugly they are just as delicious as any of the normal food that we eat. This year, grow your own unique food in your garden and invite people over for a weird and unique dinner party!

Here are some weird plants & seeds that you can buy to grow your own weird food!

Hanska Plumcot 

Orange Crisp Watermelon 

Yellow Doll Watermelon 

Cheddar Cauliflower

Climbing Trip-L-Crop Tomato

Purple Queen Bean

Violetta Italia Cauliflower

Northern Lights Chard

Silver Queen Hybrid Sweet Corn 

White Wonder Cucumber 

Blue Potato 

Watermelon Radish 

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