I have been posting handmade flyers and business cards around town in coffee shops, bars, beauty salons, etc to promote my website. So if you came to my site because you got a flyer or card, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit my website! Even if you didn’t get a card or flyer, THANK YOU for finding my website!

I don’t personally sell anything on this particular website. All I do is advertise plants from reputable mail order companies. One day, when I’m older I hope to have a huge piece of land somewhere in Puerto Rico and then I will grow my own plants to sell. I’d definitely grow bonsai trees, carnivorous plants like the Venus Fly Trap, the Fruit Cocktail Tree, and a bunch of other neat stuff. But… I must keep my dreams on hold and stay in Rockford to continue helping my disabled mother with lawncare, taking out trash, snow removal, home repairs and other random fixings of things that need fixing.

In case you’re interested in NEW STUFF at LESS THAN RETAIL PRICES, I’ve got a new site set up at http://superfreakydeals.ecrater.com full of neat stuff like Dyson vacuums, Roomba iRobot vaccums, home security cameras, smartphone controlled door locks and video doorbells, flying remote control drones, computers and more!